Jerseylicious Season 5, Episode 9- “What a Tease”

By Joanna Jones


We start off a few days after the blow up between Anthony and Cathy at the salon. Olivia, Michelle and Jackie are out to dinner with Frankie and two of his friends (NOT a triple date!) .They are discussing the difference between being an adult and acting immature. She feels that she is always hyper running around getting things done but always crashes at the end of the night.

“I am literally like a puppy or a cell phone!”

(It might sound a little silly to most people but it makes perfect sense to me!)

She feels that she is finally transitioning into adulthood.

  •  On a decent path career wise
  • Away from all drama that used to envelope her life
  •  Making steps toward being an official beauty expert

The guys make a few jokes at her expense but agree that she is an adult. They all cheers to Olivia’s success but she doesn’t want all the attention.

“And cheers to Frankie and GiGi getting back together!”-Jackie

“Check please!!!”-Frankie

(This left a bad taste in my mouth. If Jackie doesn’t want to have issues with GiGi, then she shouldn’t be making inappropriate jokes about her failed relationship with her ex!)

Now we catch up with the gang at Anthony Robert salon. Tracy is styling her friend Sammy’s hair while filling her in on the latest drama. She has never felt more uncomfortable in the salon than the day of the blow out. She has been trying not to focus on the drama because her anxiety is at an all-time high! Sammy expresses her concern that Tracy is losing touch with her “working/go getter” self. She doesn’t want her to lose focus on her career.

“I am super sensitive to anybody especially someone so close to me as Sammy about weighing in on my life because it hits so close to home with the GiGi situation but Sammy has a really good point.”-Tracy

The next day Olivia enlists Jackie and Michelle to help her shop for new outfits for her night hosting class.

“School has never been my thing but becoming a TV style expert is a huge priority for me, and if going back to the class room is what it is going to take to achieve my goal than that is what I am going to do!”-Olivia

Michelle takes a moment to ask her if she has seen GiGi since she called her out talking trash on Jackie. She is nervous because she will finally see her the following day at The Gatsby. (Michelle should be nervous since she is playing both sides against each other showing no loyalty to anyone!)

Cathy shows up at her family business, Brother’s Pizzeria, to wind down after taking care of some bills/payroll with her favorite slice (peppers, onions, and pepperoni). Filippo shows up looking sharp but that won’t stop him from throwing on an apron and tossing a few pies. He does has more free time since he is no longer a salon manager! His father, Filippo Sr., questions why he doesn’t want to be in the salon business anymore. He explains that he is now on bad terms with Anthony but truly wants to focus more time on his career.

“Filly is so wrapped up with his modeling career that he doesn’t see the severity of the situation. I don’t want anything to do with Anthony anymore, however, I have a financial interest in the salon.”-Cathy

Cathy says that she has to at least meet with Anthony to see where they will go from this point forward.

It is the next day. GiGi is waiting for Michelle in the parking lot of The Gatsby before work (once again with the creepy stalking in parking lots.) She questions her on their friendship.

“Do you consider yourself one of my good friends?”-G


“Are you going back to Olivia telling her I said Jackie was a bad mother?”-G

“I am going through so much crap right now that the last thing I thought was that you would go back and say things that I said to you.”-G

GiGi feels that Michelle’s gossiping could cause her to lose her relationship with Olivia. (GiGi has to be responsible for her own actions that caused her falling out with Olivia not blame it on Michelle.) She also finally sees that her friend has not been loyal and is not a trustworthy person.


(This is an absolutely true point! While Michelle’s gossiping would not be the reason her and Olivia aren’t friends, she is still disloyal, dishonest, and untrustworthy!) Michelle doesn’t feel she was at fault for anything because she is FORCED to play both sides. (There is a difference between playing both sides and remaining neutral. When remaining neutral you don’t talk trash about the other side!)

It is later that night. Sammy is visiting Tracy’s house who now shows her friend her new “kit”. She has come up with a business concept for making a how-to tease kit called “Tra-tease”. It will have everything a girl would need to tease her hair perfectly as well as a step by step guide on how to bring their hair to “new heights”.


Sammy loves the idea which is great because Tracy isn’t letting her get away without helping put them together. While setting everything up the girls discuss that everyone seems to have an opinion on how Tracy should live her life. Whether it be about her marriage, children, or career everyone seems to be coming at her all at once.

  •   Cathy
  •   Sammy
  •   Alexa
  •   GiGi
  •   Her own family

She breaks down beginning to cry stating that she understands it comes from love but Sammy doesn’t always have to be a “Debbie Downer”. One of her cross earrings falls to the floor sending a sure sign from the Heavens.

”Oh my god, my cross just fell what does that mean??”-Tracy

“I don’t know! I am Jewish!”-Sammy

(I fully understand where Tracy is coming from when she says everyone seems to have an opinion. Planning a wedding and making life decisions is stressful enough without everyone breathing down your neck trying to tell you how to make your decision. My advice is to take into consideration what your LOVED ones have to say because they DO have your best interest in mind but ultimately make your own decision.)

Olivia shows up for her first TV hosting class. First, she will be learning how to use a teleprompter as a tool for hosting. Right off the bat she is running into some issues with reading too fast. Then her big “New Jersey” accent is getting in the way of her pronunciation.

Mall Maul
Coffee Caw-fee
Chocolate Chalk-late


Next up, the teacher goes over interviewing which she basically nails. She knows how to get people to give her the “dirt” so to speak. Her first assignment will be to prepare her very own TV show to present at the next class session.

Michelle meets up with Olivia after her class. She tells her about her run in with GiGi before work earlier. They decide that after the day each of them had a few drinks are well deserved!

The next day Anthony is going over a few scheduling issues (he needs to pick up the slack now that Filly is no longer the working salon manager) when Tracy walks in for work.

“Hey Tracy, you want to be the salon manage?”-Anthony

She laughs off his joke and gets immediately gets down to business about her teasing kit. He obviously wants a cut if she is going to sell them in the salon but doesn’t want the salon to become a “Tracy Tease Emporium” (Come on Ant, she is selling her kits for $10 to make a little extra money for her wedding. Ease up a little!)

A little while later Cathy walks into the salon. She doesn’t hesitate to walk up to Anthony to ask for a private conversation. The two business partners head off into the back office.

“I don’t think Anthony understands how upset I was about how he wronged my son and I the last time we spoke. However, I will go to speak with him to see if I can get him to come to his senses. But bottom line no one, and I mean no one, speaks my family and I the way he did.”-Cathy

She questions his right to say her son can’t work in the salon. He explains that he gave Filly a choice and it was his decision to continue with the Playgirl photo shoot. He feels that posing for Undergear was acceptable because he had some clothing covering his bits.

I Love Filly like he was my own brother!”-A

“Could have fooled me.”-C

“It wasn’t your decision to make!”-C

“It absolutely was my decision!”-A

“Who are we? Investors don’t matter?”-C

“Whose clients are coming in the door?”-A

“When was the last time you picked up a pair of scissors?”-A

(During this argument I really saw both sides. Cathy is looking out for the best interest of her son whose feelings were hurt by Anthony’s reaction. He is looking out for the best interest of his salon, but it could have been handled far differently than with an ultimatum!)

“I really hate that things have gotten so bad between me and Cathy because Filly posed for Playgirl. Even if Cathy is an investor in this salon she has to remember it’s my name on the sign out there!”-Anthony

The argument continues:

“I only know one St. Anthony and he is in Heaven.”-C

“I am not trying to hurt you!”-A

“You know what? You’re nothing but a pompous ass!”-C

At this point Cathy grabs her stuff and leaves saying goodbye to everyone on her way out.

Now, Olivia is getting tea/treats with Jackie. She takes time ordering to practice her diction. This is the big “Wooder” VS “Water” pronunciation debate (Just for the record it is indeed pronounced “Wooder”J). While sitting down Jackie uses her desert as a means to analyze GiGi’s life.  If GiGi continues to remove all the yummy “icing” from her life, then she will be left with a soggy piece of cake. (After being so upset about GiGi being so judgmental over her life, Jackie shouldn’t be turning around doing the same thing. Hypocrisy is the worst kind of trait. Two wrongs do not make a right!)

Back over at the salon Tracy is selling her teasing kits like hot cakes! Anthony asks what her next invention will be which he will be happy to financially back. At this point Olivia shows up to let him know how her hosting class went the other night. She tells him about her upcoming presentation which she would like the main focus to be their photo book. Tracy interrupts suggesting to use her “Tra-tease” kits. She is shot down because Olivia wants the focus on something that is more relevant to herself. However in the confessional session she spins a slightly different opinion:

“I came to Anthony’s salon to tell Anthony about my presentation not to settle for some janky (junky) teasing kits made by my least favorite person in the world.”-Olivia

She kind of gives Tracy a disgusted look as she asks about the completion of the kits. She feels that the kits aren’t on a professional level.

“When Olivia shoots down the idea of working with me for her hosting class I was offended. Now you tell me that I am not professional enough to work with you on this project was like a slap in the face.”-Tracy

(I thought Olivia and Tracy were getting past all this drama, and taking digs. I know they will never be friends but I think Olivia was sort of rude and insensitive acting as though Tracy was beneath her.)

Tracy walks away annoyed. Olivia then takes the opportunity to ask Anthony if she can interview him about the book for her class. He is more than happy to help.

After work Tracy is at knick-knack/chotchkies store waiting for Sammy to arrive. When she finally gets there she explains why she has been so upset lately. She feels that she is going through a 1/3 life crisis (not a ¼ life because people don’t actually live to be 100). Tracy is taking everything that anyone has to say too sensitively. Sammy jokingly tells her she needs therapy!

Now we pop over to a café where Anthony meets up with Gayle for drinks to fill her in on his issues with Cathy.

“I told you so.”-Gayle

She fully supports his decision and the way he handled the situation regarding the Playgirl photo shoot. She would never allow her child to pose for such a magazine. She also mentions he wouldn’t have to worry about such things if she was his partner (Yes Gayle! Remember when Anthony wanted to go into business with you and you backed out right when you were about to buy the location?) Considering Gayle has had prior disagreements with Cathy she probably wasn’t the best person to go to for advice.

Now it is the night of Olivia’s presentation. She begins her faux TV show which doesn’t go very well.

  •   Anthony doesn’t hear his cue to come in (his 40-year-old ears must not hear as well as they used to! hehehe)
  •   The subject of the interview (the book) isn’t present.
  •   Must move the topic onto “salon gossip”

After the change in topic the interview goes a little better for her. Not so much for Anthony. She brings up the drama regarding Cathy. Although it was hard answering her deep digging questions he was proud of how well she was progressing!

There is more drama to come next week on an all new Jerseylicious every Sunday on Style Network at 8:00 PM EST!

The Glamour State” will be available next week on!

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Big Rich Atlanta – Season 1, Episode 9 “Ashlee’s Revenge”

By Valerie Whitelock

Harvin and Ashlee

Big Rich Atlanta begins with Harvin and Ashlee shopping.  Harvin is enjoying her time with Ashlee as she watches her wave an orange shirt to let her know what’s on her mind – K’s arrest.  Ashlee continues comparing her fabulous life to K’s and how she is no longer relevant to her any longer.  Harvin squashes that thought quickly by reminding her that is all she is talking about.Freckles

Harvin has another motive.  She wants to put an end to fight between Ashlee and Meyer.  There is more fun to be had with all 3 of them. Ashlee is twirling around in the store trying on furs.  Ashlee is in her glory shopping and spending time with her friend.

“She is so Presh when ever she is fine and she is such a demon when she is not.” – Ashlee

“Sounds like someone else I know.” – Harvin

“Guilty!” – Ashlee


Sabrina and Anandi

Photo Credit: Style Network

Photo Credit: Style Network

Sabrina meets with a fellow country club member, Cori to check out the gymnastics studio. Cori explains their program to help with inner city kids in the program. She wants Sabrina as an African-American woman to share her experiences with some of the kids as she may be able to relate to their situation more and share her experiences as a successful women.

Q and K

K runs to Daddy to ask for money to treat Shar to shopping spree to help her get through her aggravation from Ashlee that Shar tried to fix (bullshit) and the Eadon’s wasting her time with the art show.  The debate on the amount for a few moments.  K wants 10,000 and Q is offering 8,000.  (Now we know how the bail money was spent.)

Sabrina and Katie

Katie wants to warn Sabrina that Cori may be using her to bring credibility and a positive atmosphere to her gymnastic school.  Katie shares that the other parents are not happy with Cori bringing inner city kids to the school while the other parents pay.  Katie is also concerned with what the inner city kids may be bringing around the other children who are not raised in the same environment.

Sabrina’s can barely contain herself and her facial expressions said it all.  She is not feeling Katie’s attitude or words one bit. As far as Sabrina is concerned the lunch was OVER.

“I just tolerate Katie.  I see her as my grand mamma says as a long handed spoon”

Side Note – Been on both sides of this fence as a soccer mom and see both sides.  Hands down Sabrina is right on this one.  We ALL have to give back when we can to lend hand and provide ALL children with hope.  The lesson we passed down to our children by doing so is far more valuable than the sport they are playing.

Meyer’s Birthday – Happy Birthday!

Harvin and Meyer head to the salon and bickering over the differences in their age. (I know Goose is not happy with their bickering, but I couldn’t imagine the show without their hilarious fights.) Meyer reminds Harvin no matter how much time goes by Harvin will always be the older sister. (Meyer wins LOL!) Ashlee joins the sisters to Meyer’s surprise.  After an awkward few moments they finish their spa day.

Meyer’s Party

Goose hires a chef for to prepare a birthday dinner (She’s My Fav).  Marcia and Meagan boobcakewere invited to the party.  After the a fun and fast meal Meyer is presented with her BOOB cake.  Harvin let’s her know the right BOOB is from Goose and the left is from her.  Within seconds the face cake smashing begins with the Eadon’s. The girls’ head to the bathroom to clean their faces. (Spray tan and all)

Predictable Meagan AKA Shit Starter runs into the bathroom with the Eadon’s and begins gossiping her in a mean and jealous tone.  She tells them Ashlee had it coming and deserved what happened to her.  She even goes as far to insinuate Ashlee pulled out her own hair.  Meyer may think Ashlee deserved it, but wants to know from Meagan if she would pull out some one’s hair out.  Meyer doesn’t think it was right.  Meagan elaborates on how Ashlee taunted K. (Well we all know that K and Meagan started the cup cake deconstruction and K laid into her 10x harder.) Thankfully, Harvin was standing in the bathroom wearing a fabulous fur that kept me distracted from Meagan’s slurred words long enough to get through the scene. (Thanks Harvin!) Meyer ends it by saying it’s depressing and wants it to stop. (Thanks Meyer!)

Meagan tries to convince the Eadon’s that K is a good and loyal friend as demonstrated during the Harvin’s Art show and the Lake House.

“I have to admit. As crazy as Ashlee is she’s not so bad. I mean at least she has never insulted me or my family personally like K and Sharlinda did. I don’t know but K can get pretty nasty.” Meyer

Harvin and Meyer Share More Thoughts with Their Fans

Shar and K

Shar and K are out shopping for diamonds and although people may not bring genuine smiles to their faces the shopping never fails to land a smile.  The trip is cut short because time is short for K on this episode.

Harvin on the phone with Ashlee

Harvin begins to explain the mean girl gossiping that Meagan took time to do during Meyer’s special day.  After all, her dislike for Ashlee is more important.  Ashlee wants to cut it short and know specifically what Meagan said.  Harvin explains

  • Ashlee started with K
  • Ashlee deserved what happened to her
  • Ashlee’s hair wasn’t really pulled out

Harvin tries to play the peacemaker, but Ashlee doesn’t have time for that non-sense.  She has to deal with Meagan.  She brushes Harvin off the phone and tells her to stop playing Jesus and Ghandi. (Meagan’s going to get it!)


Sabrina is back at the country club to meet with Cori to share her lunch with Katie since most of the talk of was about Cori.  Sabrina explains that Katie told her that there were rumors about her gym and the type of children she was bringing in.  The other parents left the gym for that reason.

Cori breaks out in tears and says she barely knows Katie.  She’s very disturbed and didn’t realize that the community was speaking out so much against her for helping inner city kids.

Brie, Sharlinda, and K

K decides she is going to treat her mother to more special treatment by preparing dinner for her.  She struggles performing the art of cutting an onion in front of her aunt and mother.  She gives up quick and runs out of the kitchen to sit on the steps. (If you can’t handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen.)

You don’t runaway – Come on (She leads K back in the kitchen)

Marcia’s home – Meagan and Ashlee


“I think that Meagan is a very insensitive bitch to say that my hair wasn’t ripped out when over half of the left hand side of my head is completely scalped.  How dare her think she can be the judge of somethings she has no idea what she is talking about?”

Ashlee walks in to ask Meagan why she didn’t follow-up from her about the showing from the listing.  (Well Ashlee that would be due to the fact that Meagan is not an active Realtor, but why?)  Ashlee’s real agenda for stopping by to speak with Meagan is to set it straight about her constant shit stirring on the show.  Her sole purpose on the show seems to be based around stirring the pot and gossiping about here say from a one sided source or the delusions she makes up in her head.

Meagan accuses Ashlee of pulling out her own hair and calls her an “attention whore“.  Ashlee reminds her that an ambulance and the police were called on the night of the incident and this fails to wake up the brain cells that Ashlee is unable to make up stories or have any say in what charges are pressed against her loyal friend K. Ashlee points out that Meagan wasn’t even there for all the so-called trouble Ashlee started.  Meagan admits to not being around.

The women continue to exchange words and Meagan is trying to hold her own, but you can literally see her shaking during the conversation.  These two women are not in the same league and Ashlee reminds her and ends it with, “Mark My Word”.  (It’s official – Meagan’s cooked and I’m anxiously awaiting to see how Ashlee nails her.)

There is not a single person that Meagan has not talked about on the show, including her friend K.  Meagan thought nothing of loyalty when dropping K’s painful memory of her biological father’s murder.  She calls Ashlee a bitch, but Ashlee reminds her that at the very least she comes to your face unlike Meagan who goes behind your back in a sneaky way.

In Ashlee’s Word – The night of the party – Must see Photos

Side Note – Ashlee has been a consistent and honest bitch during the show. She never fakes it and gives it to you straight every time.  Love watching her every moment during the show.

“Your mother has a lovely house honey let me know when you grow up and get your own” Ashlee

Best line of the night goes to Ashlee!


Sabrina stops by the country club to follow through on her commitment with Cori to talk with the inner city children in hopes of inspiring them with her words of encouragement.

Sabrina reaches out to the young crowd in a way they could relate throwing in some rap while preaching.  She has the full attention of the children and they were very touched.  After Sabrina finished the children hugged her and tears were in their eyes.

It was an inspirational moment on Big Rich Atlanta and Sabrina pulled it off magnificently.  She is a strong women that may put some other’s off, but there is much kindness in her heart as well.  She understand her responsibility does not only end with her children..  Sabrina admittedly during the show admit she does wrong still when speaking with Cori and we can all admit the same in our daily lives.

Much respect goes out for Sabrina this week for giving her time to help children who may not have many strong role models in their lives right now.

Eadon’s Home – Harvin and Meyer

helmetAshlee is still making the rounds and this time she comes bearing a gift in honor or Meyer’s birthday.  She wants to mend fences with Meyer and start over.  She gives Meyer the gift and Meyer reads the card.  The card is giving clues to the gift inside the box.  The gift is to protect her hair on every birthday in the event she comes across a hater that wants to rip her hair out.  Meyer opens the gift and the laughter explodes.  It is a bejeweled bike helmet.  Doesn’t every socialite need a proper bejeweled bike helmet?

“I told you she can be fun and funny”Harvin

“She can be fun and funny” Meyer

Side Note – This was a funny scene and the first time we were able to see Ashlee with a genuine smile.  The Eadon’s have the perfect touch and will help Ashlee through ignoring the hate and keeping them in the review mirror.

“Big Rich Atlanta Meets Southland at the County Club”

Highly recommend this show on TNT

Meyer and Harvin pull up to the club late as usual and cops cars are pulling up every where.  The girl’s run inside to hear Shar say, “K, Don’t come down, Don’t come down”.  K was upstairs and the police arrived to arrest for an outstanding felony warrant. Shar’s voice was painful to hear as a mother and my heart truly goes out for her pain. Strongly disagree that Ashlee is at complete fault as K is in control of her own actions.  It’s a process as a parent. Hopefully Shar will allow herself to see both sides for the sake of K and no one else. There has been yet to be any accountability on K’s part and Shar has yet to see her part as well according to her latest blog.  As a viewer I do not understand how Shar cannot see through the manipulation on K’s part towards her, but that is my opinion.

Do not agree with Style airing this scene and should have edited out for the sake of K’s mother.

Once again, Meagan beings to stir the pot by stating Ashlee was outside to enjoy the scenemugshot of K doing the perp walk into the police car as her face was cover by a jacket.  There was really no need to the jacket, because K did not mind smiling for the mug shot.

We will meet on Sunday, March 31st on Style Network at 9 EST.

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Big Rich Atlanta’s Stars – Harvin and Meyer Eadon Are Just Getting Started!

By Valerie Whitelock

Harvin and Meyer Eadon star in Style Network’s new SMASH hit, Big Rich Atlanta.  There hasn’t been one episode during the new season that these women have not put a gooseharvinmeyersmile on our face and gave us belly laughs.  During all their hilarious stunts and laughter the Eadon’s have been working with their business investor and mama, Virginia Kolb creating and designing their new jewelry line, She Blames Me.  As I watched these ladies on TV it was obvious that they’re many more layers with these 2 women that have not been captured on the hourly show.  

As such an enormousness fan of these women and the one and only, Mother Goose (Virginia) I’ve been itching to learn more about them and their portrayal on the show.  They graciously and humbly agreed to answer a few questions for their huge following. 

         The About section of She Blames Me explains growing up in a small town from South Carolina.  How did you become part of the Big Rich Atlanta cast?

We grew up in Manning, S.C. and during our late middle school years we moved about 30 HarvinMeyerminutes down the road to Sumter, S.C. Both are very small towns, but we wouldn’t change our roots for anything in this world. We got to live in a place where you rarely had to lock your doors, you could borrow anything from your neighbors, and everybody really did know your name.

Meyer and I moved to Atlanta based on dreams we literally started writing on the back of a scratch off lottery ticket that I purchased from Publix. We knew that fashion was where we wanted to be, but we were not sure how we would spread our creative wings in such an over-saturated market without taking an immediate nosedive. Well, that is exactly what we did. We worked really hard on a mobile app that we had hoped would tap into the retail world and we ultimately lost a lot of money, time and hope. We wanted to be successful “Blondentrepreneurs” as we call them and it proved to be much harder than we had expected. One thing is for sure though, we earned an uncertified MBA throughout the ups and downs of our first venture.

We then began to map plans for the brand now known as She Blames Me. At first, it was a perspective. By May 2012 it became a registered company in the state of Georgia and we were ecstatic about our vision and its potential. We had learned a lot about business through our first endeavor, but we knew in our hearts that She Blames Me would have a different fate. This brand spoke to us in every way imaginable. It changed our perspective, made us better people, encouraged us to love ourselves and we were determined to share it with the world.

Up to this point we had done a good bit of networking in Atlanta so when a casting crew came to town looking for mothers and daughters, our names came up. Meyer received a voice mail from casting, but since Meyer doesn’t check her voice mail weeks went by before we even knew they were looking to speak with us. Finally, word got around to me and I was told that they were trying to reach us and had attempted to contact Meyer. Meyer checked her voice mail and sure enough they wanted to interview us. We talked to mom about it and she was totally up for it! We did Skype interviews, phone interviews, and in person interviews. Then a couple of months went by and we got the call that we were chosen to be cast members on the Style Network show Big Rich Atlanta. We were all together when they gave us the news. We were excited, nervous, and thrilled all at the same time.

        Do you feel you’re being portrayed fairly accurately on the show?

For the most part the show does portray us accurately. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fair to say it’s an exaggerated version of ourselves because you take moments from months of filming HarvinMeyer3and cram them into a handful of one hour episodes. Here’s the thing with Meyer and I though, we have a tremendous problem hiding who we really are. Even if we wanted to, our personalities would slip right out without a second thought. The show probably makes us look a little loopy and ditsy at times, but truth be told… we are! Just because you see more of that than you do the business savvy side of us doesn’t mean that we are in complete looptyville because we def aren’t.

In other words, you see a lot of Harv and Meyer moments that are very real and very us. The side of us that you do not see as much of is our “Business Bitch” mode and that side is pretty hardcore. Both sides are true to self, but you may see more of one side than the other on the show. We are serious about She Blames Me and there are many service providers involved in creating this business so we obviously aren’t certified dingbats. Our way of interacting with each other though is really silly and unfiltered and we don’t give a damn. We are very educated and very proud of that too. We came into this show as very real. Once you start filming a show like this you can’t hide much of anything. Everyone’s true personalities come out in some degree no matter what you do. We just do not care how others perceive us because we believe in who we are. We do not like everything we see ourselves do when watching the show back, but that’s life. We make mistakes in our responses and reactions to situations all the time but as long as we recognize them as such then we can move on from it. The show catches us doing the things we have always done and didn’t even realize how crazy we look sometimes lol!

  • We make whoreos
  • Talk about whore baths
  • Give our male dogs pink faux hawks
  • Dress up like damaged dolls and so on

That’s 100% us. Meyer and I have an argument every hour and then we are over it within 30 seconds.

  • We cuss to much
  • We stay up too late
  • We don’t wash clothes often enough
  • We are likely to fight over the last pair of clean panties in the drawer on a weekly basis
  • We share toothbrushes
  • Will fight over hot water and then both end up in the same tub to shave our legs, etc.

“This is our lives, we own it”


      Who are you fashion icons? (Besides yourselves)

  • Daphne Guinness
  • Rihanna,
  • Gwen Stefani,
  • Nicole Richie
  • Kate Moss
  • Brigitte Bardot
  • Edie Sedgwick
  • Penny Lane from Almost Famous 🙂

       What inspires your fashion and hairstyles?

weavedrawerWe derive inspiration from so many places, people and things. We base most of our fashion inspiration on our mood or current fascination. Our sense of fashion is really based on whatever we find visually stimulating. We love pieces that look like they could tell a story. We view fashion as something that is not separate from ourselves. We have a relationship with it. It’s just a mood, a story, a personality, an aspiration on a hanger, but then we put it on and we are one in the same. I know that may sound crazy, but clothes are an expression of self. We believe our own skin (pale or tan 😉 is our most valuable wardrobe. Being confident in your own skin allows you to play with fashion in an unrestrained way that is both freeing and amazing. We always say that confidence is the sexiest thing you could ever put on and everything else is just décor. We love the hell out of some décor and we samjam2redecorate on the reg. As for hair and makeup!!! Without our glam squad SamJam (who are also two of our best friends) we would not be able to be as creative as we are from the neck up. They straight own us from the neck up! They seriously create magic. SAM can create ANYTHING in your hair that you could ever imagine and I mean ANYTHING! She does our Hairdreams extensions and color too. Since bleach is our favorite color, she has to keep a close eye on the health of our Goldilocks. JAM is a perfectionist with makeup. She has the smartest sense of color balance and can make the fiercest looking eyes on the planet! From damaged baby doll paint to gorgeous ethereal looks, JAM can do it. These two are the real reason we get to explore every creative realm with hair and makeup      

Favorite shoe designer?

We keep Jeffrey Campbell in business. Love his platforms. We vomit over the thought of kitten heels. We are platform obsessed. If the shoe calls our name visually and if it has a heel that is 6 plus inches attached to it then we don’t care if Milo and Freckles designed it… we want it!

     Favorite accessories?

Our favorite accessories are whatever the hell we just bought last. If it’s new we love it! We jewelry2die for anything that has fringe on it. We even take basic fringe and put knots into it and wear as bracelets or SAM weaves it into our hair as a braid, etc. We love bangles and whatnot to our elbows and arm cuffs. Basic diamond studs are a must. We love layering simple necklaces. We love rosary style necklaces. We love every SBM accessory obvi. We are true blue about SBM though. We wear our pieces around religiously because we love them and everything they stand for. They are like little trophies.

       Favorite movie?

This question is always so hard for us! We have so many fav movies. To rattle off our top ones the list would go a little something like… Love Actually, Gladiator, Legends of the Fall, Man on Fire, The Lion King, Home from the Hill (very old movie mom made us fall in love with), Mamma Mia, Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken (lived for this movie all growing up and even still), Secretariat, Steel Magnolias, The Millennium Series – Swedish Version {Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Girl who Played with Fire, The Girl who Kicked the Hornets Nest}, Rudy, Erin Brockovich, A Time to Kill.

      You’re photo’s are AMAZING.  Besides your natural beauty, who should receive photo credit?

Jeff Kaplan (JKap) is our favorite creative photographer here in Atlanta. We have been using him since we moved here. He captures candid moments that evoke emotion and feeling without it being at all contrived. We love that. Glen Moodie shot a lot of our photos seen on Big Rich Atlanta and he is phenomenal as well. He is a perfectionist and very talented! Middleman (who you also see on the show) helped with styling and this man is first and foremost HILARIOUS and outrageously talented. He is such a people person and very intuitive which I think is so important as a creative stylist. He actually made our trash bag dresses for us ;). Brian Crumb has also shot us a couple of times and his photos give an air of natural perfection with a white backdrop. He is a very good photographer as well.

      She Blames Me jewelry line shows positive feedback from your fans on Twitter and Facebook.  How do you both feel about the overwhelming response from fans knowing you’re touching them in such a positive way?

We answered this question last because it honestly makes us teary eyed. For so long you seek out ways to manage loving yourself (flaws and all) in the face of criticism and it can be confusing and overwhelming. Hate and criticism make you question yourself, make you feel insecure, and can even make you bitter and resentful. Negativity can swallow you whole if you let it! We psychologically spent time redirecting our thoughts from the weekly slurs (trash, slut, crazy, stupid, bimbos, etc.) and found ways to sponge in the negative energy and flip it into our positive growth.

Once we fully accepted the She Blames Me perspective, we started living by it and it changed our lives. We wanted people to think about it on a deeper level. You think its hard on you to be criticized, then think of the torment the hater must endure to be so envious and jealous. We are on the winning side already and just didn’t realize it! Why are we fighting battles with critics when we have already won! When people started to grasp the She Blames Me brand the way that we have wrapped ourselves in it has been one of the happiest times in our lives and that would be a tremendous understatement.

Words just cannot express what the She Blames Me friends mean to us. We call them successfriends, not fans. They are in this with us because it is for ALL of us! We spend close to four plus hours a day to personally respond to as many SBM friends as possible. We think it is important that they can connect with She Blames Me in the realist way possible. We want each of them to know that they BELONG here, because they do. Building a sense of camaraderie amongst us so that She Blames Me can be our trophy against hate and our power over criticism. Owning our insecurities, mocking the way you mock us, and thanking all the critics and confused fans for following so close behind. It is THE brand for ALL of us who can relate. It is our anthem together! “Realness Revealed” is where we own up to our flaws and hot mess tendencies… with no shame… at all. She Blames Me is the modern-day version of Rumpelstiltskin. He turned hay into gold. We turn insults into glitter and then splash it all over ourselves to shine. Leave it to us to make reference to a childhood fairy tale when discussing our business. People will call us every name in the book, but while they waste precious time and energy on us, we will be dancing in our own fairy tale. A place that is a playground for the misunderstood, the misfits, the mishaps, and the beautifully flawed. A place and state of mind that we call She Blames Me.

  Have the sales from She Blames Me jewelry line been successful?

YES, overwhelmingly so! The sales have been outstanding and there hasn’t been a single day to go by since launch that we haven’t made a sale. As a retailer would say, “flying off the shelves” kind of good! We are OBSESSED with our She Blames Me family and following! They mean the world to us!.  

Are there intentions to expand to the She Blames Me brand?  What should we expect?

Absolutely! We have every intention of expanding the She Blames Me brand.

   Harvin – Has sharing your story with your ex-boyfriend helped you in any way?

Yes it has. In fact, someone very close to my ex-boyfriend contacted me after the show aired. This person was someone who I thought would never forgive or forget what Harvinhappened that awful night my senior year. She contacted me to tell me that she was proud of me and could see things in a different light now and that she did not blame me. I honestly couldn’t believe my own ears. I was actually shaking I was so nervous when she reached out to me. I have also had so many amazing people reach out to me about my art. I was discouraged after the art show, but hearing from so many different people who have told me that their own lives were touched by me speaking out and attempting to show my art has been incredibly uplifting, empowering and emotional for me. I am still protective over it like someone would be with their diary, but I am slowly opening up to possibilities with my art.

   Meyer – You have a quick and sharp perception of other people’s true character.  It seems to be the center of your bickering with Harvin at times.  How do you balance what your gut is telling you and keeping the peace with Harvin?

Meyer2It’s so weird because Harv and I had reversed roles on this show sometimes. Not because the show did that, but mainly because when I drink I get a little ballsy and will confront you in a heartbeat, which is Harvin on the regular. I guess I drank so much at the events on the show that I ended up voicing my perception of people out loud and calling them on their BS on the spot. This put me in conflict with people on more than one occasion. Harv and I talk things out all the time though. We may not agree but we will def talk it out and give each point of view a chance. Regardless, no one or anything could ever create a wedge between us. We typically have the same friends, but if we disagree on one here and there we work it out. At the end of the day we will always be each others first best friend. .  

Harvin  –  You shared your college story when you were blacklisted from a sorority.  In the About section of She Blames Me.  How did you feel when you were accepted to Clemson University?

Harvin: OMG! You have no idea how important Clemson University has been to me my entire life. I was actually in my mother’s wound when Clemson last won the National Harvin2Championship for football. My grandfather went there, my brother went there, and we had traveled to every Clemson game since I was an infant. My dad is a FANATIC over Clemson and I had my eyes set on no other school for my entire life. I was so over the moon excited when I got into Clemson that I was beside myself. I felt that my eyes could burn my future was looking so bright. However, tragedy struck our community, our family, our school, and my dreams. My high school friend was no longer allowed to be my roommate at Clemson and I was going to need to go “pot luck” on a roommate. Many people from our private school were already attending Clemson or were also accepted to attend the same year as I was going to go. I decided to take a look at the College of Charleston because I felt somewhat defeated and thought that this nightmare would zip itself up into my suitcase and travel right into my freshman year at Clemson if I were to still go. I decided to go to College of Charleston. Then something just stopped me in my tracks one day. I do not know how or why but it just did and literally like a month before it was time to head off to college I changed my decision and I told my parents I was going to go to Clemson because it was where I was supposed to be and I knew it.

I couldn’t let my entire life be directed by the misery of my senior year in high school. I had to start believing in myself again and trust my decisions and I knew that Clemson was where I was meant to be. Within the first few weeks at college it was time to start sorority rush and we had to go through these sessions with each sorority and try to get in. We would all lay our clothes out the night before and talk about which ones we liked and which ones we hoped liked us and so forth. It was a very BIG deal at Clemson. My entire hall at the dorm was rushing for a sorority and we had all gotten close at this point. We were told which sororities we were asked to come back to and none of the sororities wanted me back. Too much of my small town had followed me to college. Someone very close to my family asked to write me a recommendation to get IN the sorority but instead she and a friend of hers got together and wrote me a bad recommendation. Bad news travels fast and no sorority wanted me. All of my friends were accepted into sororities. I was heartbroken not because of something as petty as a sorority, but because I needed so desperately to belong to something again, to be wanted. I had been on teams and in groups my whole life. I felt alone and rejected at this point.

My sister-in-law (who also graduated from Clemson) showed up at my dorm and told me to get up because she was taking me somewhere. I did as she asked and we pulled up to this sporty shop and she told me to pick out a pair of cheerleading shoes because I was going to try out for Clemson cheerleading. I never in a million years thought I would have a chance in hell of making the Clemson cheerleading team. I have dreamt about being a cheerleader at Clemson my entire life, but I did not think I had a chance at making it on a college level. I was too tall and out of shape because I had not practiced in quite some time. I was reaching for straws to keep from drowning though so I did not argue. I picked out a pair of shoes and in that same week I was at the Clemson basketball gym trying out for cheerleading. They posted a list at the end of the week and I will be damned if my name wasn’t on that damn list!!!! I cried my eyes out! I was so happy. The irony of it is that on the First Friday (the day before the first home game) the girls choose their sororities and walk in this big parade down to the outside amphitheater where the Clemson Cheerleaders greeted them on stage.

This was my first true taste of She Blames Me medicine. I did not seek vengeance on those that hurt me; I did not even bat an eye at those that put me down. I bought a pair of damn cheerleading shoes, busted my ass in tryouts, and made the team. When I tell you that this perspective we now call She Blames Me has been this fighting little God-sent angel hanging over our heads for most of our lives… I mean every last word of it.  

It says Meyer was also blacklisted from a sorority?  How/why did this happen?

MeyerMeyer: A girl from high school that graduated a year earlier than I did was already at Clemson when I began to rush for a sorority. She was not a big fan of me at all. She rallied up several of her friends and they blocked me from getting into any of the sororities that I truly had hoped to get into. I was really upset but at least I didn’t get blackballed from ALL of the sororities. I ended up joining the only one that would accept me and I quickly realized it wasn’t for me anyway! I was disturbed that I had to pay dues to keep these “sisters.” Hell, I already had the best sister and she was for free.

  Meyer- How has your bachelor degree in Fashion Merchandising help expand your love of fashion?

 I have always been obsessed with clothes and fashion. Fashion Merchandising just helped me to see both the glamorous parts of the business and the not so glamorous parts. I became very familiar with the retail side of things and it is a lot of work. There is a whole lot that goes into building a business in the fashion industry. It is non-stop planning and designing. You have to be able to keep up, stay motivated, and believe in what you are doing.  

   Goose is an extremely smart business woman.  How has she helped (besides financially) and inspired you with your new brand, She Blames Me?

I honestly do not even know where to begin when it comes to explaining how much our Awwwmom has helped inspire She Blames Me. First of all, her unwavering support and love can move mountains. This woman is the ROCK in our lives. She is at the core of our every dream and our every hope. Her belief in us alone, despite any shortcomings and mistakes, has been the most important thing in our lives. She loves us unconditionally. She has always been and always will be at the center of our inspiration because she is the example and the idol that has taught us how to love ourselves, how to persevere, how to forgive, and how to love unconditionally. She knows that we are a far cry from perfect and that we have made plenty of mistakes and will likely make many more, but she will never stop loving or believing in us.

When can fans expect to buy the Sharlinda?

LOL! You know, we have always loved the idea of a zipper piece because we think of it as “exposure” being unzipped, revealed. It is no secret that we are not on the best of terms with Sharlinda and K right now. However, She Blames Me is not about throwing stones… it’s about catching the stones that others throw at us and using them to build ourselves and others up. There may be a zipper piece in the near future, but I think it is important that people truly understand what She Blames Me stands for first. It’s not about seeking vengeance; it’s about acceptance of self despite criticism. The names of the pieces are in fact named after critics from the past with their general personality descriptions that most people can relate to their own personal haters and critics.

The most important part about each piece however is what that critic did for you to changeHarvinMeyer2 your life for the better. It’s about accepting that critic as someone who helped you become a better person, a stronger person. I can honestly say that I would hug Jenny, Darlene, Jayne, Brittany, Ashley and anyone in Sumter right now without an ounce of hesitation. It’s ultimately not about them, it’s about us. Even if they all hate me with the utmost passion, it does not phase the twisted love I have for them for showing me just how capable I am of persevering. Its armor for every person out there who is being criticized so that it does not become a means in which they criticize themselves. Sooooo, there may be a zipper piece added to the collection, but all in good timing 😉

The concept behind She Blames Me is so very heart-felt and wise.  To launch a successful jewelry line in this market is not an easy task.  Their hearts are behind and inside their designs.  They’ve captured a strong and quick-growing audience where all women can relate.  Wish more and more success for these women and have no doubt that they will have fun along the way.  How can anyone not adores these women in every way?  They’re wonderful and their kind hearts show they were raised with very loving hands.

These women are as a REAL as it gets. Harvin and Meyer are magnificent role models for all women.  Their kind and honest words have been sincere. I’m beyond impressed and they will forever have a fan in me.  Their strong following on Twitter and Facebook tell me these women are just getting started.  

The twitter accounts of Harvin, Meyer, and Goose are listed below.

“No copyright infringement intended, for entertainment purposes only”

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Exclusive Photos and Interview – Big Rich Atlanta’s Star – Ashlee Wilson Hawn

By Valerie Whitelock

“In Her Words”

Ashleered Ashlee Wilson Hawn stars on the new SMASH hit Big Rich Atlanta. Style Network began with a new series, Big Rich Texas in 2011 and Atlanta was underway to become part of the Big and Rich franchise.  A docudrama based on the lives of wealthy mother/daughter duo’s and their daily lives.   Before the new series, Big Rich Atlanta aired its 1st episode Radar Online reported a horrific story of Ashlee allegedly being viciously attacked by fellow cast member, Kahdijiha Rowe.  The story reported that Ashlee Wilson Hawn quit the show over the alleged attack. Big Rich Atlanta aired and Ashlee did not quit show.  There has been a great deal of debates, arguments, opinions, and fans choosing sides based on Episode 3, “Let Them Throw Cake” (the alleged attacked on Ashlee by K).  I’ve been so intrigued by this debate because as viewers we saw very little and the show ended with 1 hair track on the floor. Ashlee enters the party with two sleeves on her dress and returns to the party with 1 sleeve after the ambulance and police leave the scene. Talks of felony charges and injuries are flying back and forth in social media.  Ashlee has spoken out a few times on her behalf to inform viewers that Big Rich Atlanta is a docuseries and not a true Reality TV show.  

If you’re a fan of Big Rich Texas, then this is a familiar concept. Both shows are wildly entertaining. The social media has been in a frenzy depicting a 30 second scene.  We didn’t actually see what happened or what warranted a felony charge against K (this is a very serious charge).  Ashlee has no decision-making power on what charges are pressed as she is not a law enforcement agent.  My curiosity persuaded me to reach out to Ashlee to request an interview.  She graciously agreed and in my opinion has been very honest with her answers.  She has agreed to share horrific photos in hopes of bringing an awareness to unnecessary violence. (Must warn you the photos are pretty brutal in my opinion.)

Q&A – Ashlee Wilson Hawn 

You’re one of the stars on Big Rich Atlanta.  How did you become a cast member of the new smash hit? What was the main reason you decided to join the cast?

I was “discovered” for the show as I didn’t “try out” by any means.  A fellow Philanthropist AshleeNewin Atlanta referred me to producers and described me as the “Buckhead Barbie”. They were giving me a contract for the show right away once they met me even if my mom didn’t want to come on the show or my sister. (who actually lives with me) The  producers didn’t care. They were not going to pass me up, or at least that is what I was told.

I decided to do the show because I know my day-to-day life is so over the top that I thought why not share it with the world. I also have been so blessed and have been exposed to so much of the world and sharing some of my gifts and talents.  I thought it would be an opportunity of a lifetime.

Were you hired/cast to play the role as the “villain” on the show?

Yes, they 100% cast me as the villain AKA: “The Boss Bitch” to stir up drama at the country club and I came first day guns blazing with my party dress and champagne! Producers knew that I had the goods and the confidence to bring the heat!

Big Rich Atlanta is considered a Docuseries/Docudrama versus a reality show.  In your own experience, what are the differences?

Yes, Big Rich Atlanta is a DocuDrama and or Docuseries as most do not realize that it’s not Reality TV as it is not like the show Real World where the cameras are mounted in your home following every move you make. We have a role and a story line that we follow hence the country club being the common scene where we are all connected.

You’re the most talked about Reality TV star in the social media arena right now over the controversial alleged assault on you by Kahdijiha Rowe during the night of your birthday party.  There are a few questions that have been heatedly debated by Bloggers and fans.

How long did you know the other women personally before the birthday party? Specifically, Kahdijiha

I had only known the women a few weeks at the birthday party scene. First time I had met Kahdijiah once before filming started she was rude and aggressive towards me. The producers had to deal with that. She left while producers finished their evening with me. Very ironically, I told producers that exact evening that Kahdijiah would end up being very violent with me and that I needed to be careful here with her. My boyfriend and sister plus two friends were at this cocktail meeting. They all were involved in this conversation and we spent an evening chatting about women taking TV to violence. (I knew in my gut she would go postal)  She just seethed of hate and jealousy from this initial meeting. Second time was when I filmed first day at country club with Khadijah and she was again very rude. Third time was at my Divorce Party and producers had her make peace. Fourth time was at the Fall Fashion Preview party on Episode two where she and her friend Darryl attacked me very publicly and she told me to “get the fuck out and threatened to beat my ass”.  I walked off that scene and refused to go back in as I wasn’t going to be around violence or be threatened. Producers had her aunt Brie come speak with me. She was nice and decent, so I came back in to finish the scene. After this I told producers that I didn’t want to film with her any further that she is very violent. (Again my gut was speaking to me.) A week went by and the evening before my birthday Harvin and I were doing a coffee shop scene and we were wrapping up. Producers were really encouraging and ramping me up for my birthday night. I asked them why Kahdijiah had to come (Harvin was present) and begged NO them and told them these exact words;

“Does everyone know that I am playing this über bitch role for the cameras? I don’t want to get hurt and I don’t think this chick Kahdijiah “gets it” and she is going to end up hurting me

The producer looked me dead in the face “NO one on this show will ever get hurt. I promise you that Ashlee. That is not what this show is about. We have spoken to her and she knows we are just making a damn good TV show” and low and behold the FIFTH time I ever laid my eyes on Kahdijiah and in less than 15 minutes into my birthday party

  • –       She rips my clothes off
  • –       Rips my hair out
  • –       Hits me in the face

Kahdijiha turned into complete psychopath…all over a television scene??? Couldn’t she just use her words and not her hands when expressing herself?! After all, it is JUST a TV show?

Was the party staged?

The party was a television scene orchestrated for the show and all that comes with it.

 Viewers were able to see and hear the words exchanged before the assault.  You walked into the party with two sleeves on your dress. How did you lose a sleeve on your dress?  What did we not see?

Much of the attack was edited out and I think producers had to do that because it was way too much for TV. She was screaming things at me such as “Kill yourself ” “Go ahead and kill yourself.” We are dealing with a VERY violent and demented woman as soon as her hands were off of my head after multiple grabs, snatches, and people pulling her off of me. My designer of the dress I wore that night (Jason Scott of JLoren) prying her fingers off one by one as she keep gripping to rip more hair. I walked away with cameras chasing me and never fought back or laid one hand on her.

What was happening outside while the police and ambulance were at the club?

I fled the party to a restaurant next door where the cameras wouldn’t have clearance to come, so I could be alone. My boyfriend and my brother walked me over. I stayed inside until ambulance arrived. Once the ambulance arrived I left the restaurant; Brie Rowe (KD’s aunt), some unknown man, and Kahdijiah came over to the restaurant in a car. They were taunting me and driving at us with their car and threatening to KILL me. We have all of this on an iPhone video as my designer recorded it with his phone as everyone was appalled. Now viewers can see Sharlinda threaten to kill Meyer in the art gallery scene as she tells Virginia, “Meyer is about to get her head knocked off”. I have never seen actions like this ever in my life. Truly out of control!

How much time-lapse occurred between the time the police and ambulance arriving before you walked backed into the party?

I can’t remember the time lapse between ambulance/police and going back into the party. I was on a tail spin and a fog with cameras chasing me. It’s a horrific thing to go through and even 100 times magnified with cameras around.

Why did you go back inside to the party and finish the scene?

After hours passed and the entire cast left – producers sat me down and talked me into finishing the party. They let my glam squad put me back together as best as they could and I did a less than five-minute scene to finish the party and left.  

What type of injuries have you suffered because of that night? 

  • –       I was cut up on my neck and down my arms from the sequins on the dress as she violent ripped the sleeve off and ripped the gown up
  • –       All of the hair on the left hand side of my hair was scalped
  • –       Huge patch from the center of my hair on the top was pulled out.
  • –       My septum was damaged as when she ripped down she hit my nose.
  •         Permanent damage to my hair follicles causing major hair loss

Graphic Photos of the Injuries 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hover over photos for pause button

 What criminal charges were issued against K?  Do you know when the warrant was issued for K’s arrest?

KD has been charged with Aggravated Battery which is a felony charge. The warrant was issued for her arrest after the detectives did a full investigation the night of the incident. They interviewed witnesses as well the owner of the establishment. After the arrest warrant was issued KD evaded the police for 7 weeks and I was forced to help identify her during filming as she was considered a fugitive and producers were warned about filming her. This has been beyond horrific!

You took 7 weeks off during filming.  When you returned on the show you were in the limo with your sister explaining the spent time having your hair fixed along with some spa time.  Realizing this is a painful memory for you Ashlee could you let your guard down for a moment and explain how you really felt during this time?

Funny thing is the first scene back after 7 weeks was actually in the park in Episode 4 as they edited that back in. It was a very long morning and I cried so hard. I was dry heaving and one of my favorite producers helped me through the scene as I was so camera-shy and scared to even go back and face it all as I had began to Heal from the trauma after being gone away for seven weeks. I was very thankful for my sister that day as she gave me hella strength to get through that scene.

 Why did you decide to return to Big Rich Atlanta after 7 weeks off?

I decided to return because I could not tell my side and leave viewers hanging. Plus, I knew I now had responsibility and a voice to put a stop to random acts of hate and violence. I wanted to use Big Rich Atlanta as a platform to launch my charity, DIVArella. It was an opportunity to raise awareness to combat violence and hate.

When Big Rich Atlanta aired and the fans/bloggers took to Twitter and FB and began tweeting harsh words about the assault (“You deserved it”, “They would have done worse”, and “It’s about time”, “Bitch”) how did that make you feel?

When bloggers were saying that I deserved it – it just propelled me to work harder and faster with DIVArella as it has shown me just how saturated our society is in promoting violence and hate. It is heartbreaking and motivating all at the same time to think how much work needs to be done to combat violence and hate.

 Did you have less appreciation for violence until you became a victim?  

I had never even thought about violence until the attack on Big Rich Atlanta. Call me sheltered but in my world and the world my parent raised me in –  I have never been exposed to violence!

 You’re receiving criticism for speaking out about the Big Rich Atlanta’s scripting.  Why did you speak out?

I spoke out on the truth of the birthday party scene, because I didn’t like how the show was being edited to look like I wasn’t even affected by the attack. I’m not just the boss bitch out to get revenge with no emotion which is far from the truth as I was hurt and emotionally so ripped up inside from the scene. I felt that it wasn’t fair for truth to reign considering it was a life changing experience to say the least.

I’ve been following your @teamdivarella Twitter account and web site.  Why is DIVArella  so important to you?

Divarella is so important to me because it was the outlet and the brain child that allowed for me to take a batch of horrible lemons and turn them into lemonade. Philanthropy has always been my foundation and giving back has been my families’ motto but this was the first time that I could get behind a charity whole heartedly because it hit home for me. Divarella is my sanctuary and the most positive thing that came out of this whole experience. I know it will make a difference as we RISE UP to Combat Violence and Hate!

 You have been amazing on Big Rich Atlanta as Anandi’s pageant coach.  Are you really a pageant coach or is this scripted?   Does this relate to any part of your real life?

Pageants have been a huge part of my life! They have helped mold me into the woman I am today. The skills I gained from being honored to represent my state are priceless. I am not a pageant coach in a studio school as portrayed on the show. However, the past 8 years I have helped girls that could not afford pageantry and making dreams come true. Working hundreds of hours with them and getting crowning results, however, I’ve never owned a school or a studio.  I will say I am a damn good coach!

You have an extremely elegant presence on Big Rich Atlanta. I’ve read on your web site that you’re a singer and dancer.  Does this contribute to your confidence and stage presence?  Your accomplishments listed on your site are admirable for a woman of your age (28).  Will the viewers be able to hear you sing?

Thank you for complimenting me and yes it has definitely attributed to my confidence on camera! I am fearless due to my years of experience which is why I know producers wrote the story-line with me front and center from Go, because they knew I could carry the story-line blazing out of the Gate. I don’t sing this season although that was one of the plans before the birthday party went array. However, I’m sure I will be bringing my musical talents to fans very soon!

 What is one of your favorite motto to live by?

My motto is just this

When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say, “I used everything you gave me.” – Erma Bombeck

Well Ashlee was far from disappointing with her answers. She provided the answers based on her perception of the events.  Realizing there are two sides to every story and I’m unable to form an opinion on K’s version. The actions of Sharlinda Rowe (K’s mother) and K herself on episodes where Ashlee was absent spoke volumes as a viewers. Sharlinda and K have continuously thrown out physical threats towards Meyer Eadon.  During the Episode 5, Sharlinda verbally attacked the Eadon’s and used forceful intimidation methods lunging towards the ladies screaming threats.  During Episode 6, K made light of the possibility of pulling out the Eadon’s hair during the Lake House trip. Sharlinda made physical threats regarding Meyer Eadon to Marcia when invited to a Halloween party. It’s astonishing and confusion why women who refer to themselves as strong women are under the belief that physical force shows their strength as women.  In my opinion, these women use force, intimidation, and threats to control unfamiliar situations where they are not in control.  Their way or NO way! Sharlinda and K participated in an interview titled, Socialite Tells Why Reality TV Roles Are Attractive.  The article may explain their thoughts on Reality TV in relationship to physical violence.  

Excerpts from the article:

Sharlinda –

So, how does Parker, a respected businesswoman, one of Atlanta’s prominent manicurists and beloved celebrity wife, justify the undignified behavior involving her daughter?

“With the fight with Kahdijiha, Kahdijiha was provoked,” Parker explained. “You can’t put your hands on anyone, everyone has freedom of speech. You can say what you’d like to say, [but] you can’t touch anybody. I teach my daughter and my son to always protect yourself, if you get backed up into a corner and you need to defend yourself, by all means, defend yourself.”

KD –

Rowes’ physical altercation with her cast member, Wilson-Hawn, may result in jail time as Wilson-Hawn has pressed charges for assault. When asked if she’s worried about going to jail, Rowe’s response was “No.” She then, added: “I’d like to know a show that you know with no drama that’s doing well?”

Could it be that the Rowe’s went on TV to make their claim to fame on Big Rich Atlanta with the use of violent personas towards cast members for the sake of drama?

In the beginning, my heart went out to Sharlinda as stated in a previous blog that my own child faced similar charges.  Believed a mistake was made on K’s part due to drinking during the party.  

My opinion has changed after watching Sharlinda’s and K’s actions on Big Rich Atlanta.  They have remained remorseless and uncooperative in almost every situation with several cast members.  

Ashlee or any human being is not without flaws.  Ashlee is a steamroller with her confidence.  She doesn’t hold back her feelings and will tell you exactly how she feels.  Both Ashlee and K have extremely sharp tongues and do not hold back with their true feelings.  This does not allow another person to physically injure another with excessive force (allegedly).

Bottom line – An arrest warrant was issued and K evaded the police for weeks as said by a source close to the set

Their use of physical intimidation tactics have set a precedent for the show’s direction as we watched the last week in Katie’s home.  Who’s next? 

In my opinion, Style Network does not advocate violence.  What happened to Ashlee that night may have been a random act of violence as the two ladies had very little interaction with one another.

Ashlee has shown the true strength by returning to the show and following through with her role as the hired “villain” AKA “The Boss Bitch”.  The attacks on Ashlee in social media are  further battering an abused woman.  She is not a “Boss Bitch” in real life.  She works with charities and helps women less fortunate to become successful with their goals.  This is a giving and caring person.  Ashlee deserves empathy and support as a woman   She is not playing the “victim”.

A Personal Favorite

“One’s dignity may be assaulted, vandalized and cruelly mocked, but it can never be taken away unless it is surrendered.” ― Michael J. Fox

“This blog is written solely based on opinion only.”

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Reality TV’s Good Sport of the Week Award – Brandi Glanville

By Valerie Whitelock

This week’s winner has been awarded to NY Times Best Selling Author, Brandi Glanville.  BrandiShe’s a cast member and star on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  During last week’s episode Brandi was stabbed in the back by cast mate, Marisa Zanuck during a party at Adrienne’s home.  For obvious reasons the ladies knew Brandi would not be in attendance.  Marisa centers herself around the table with all the other women and breaks out the “news” of a text she received from Brandi.  In that text message Brandi suggests that Marisa and her husband give one another a hall pass.  She pretends not to fully understand the meaning, so that the other ladies can fill in the ______.  Really Marisa? Really?  #GoAwayFaye quickly jumps in with her evil and leathery face smiling to suggest Brandi has a “thing” for Marisa’s husband.  The rancid #GoAwayFaye then shares a “bathroom” story that took place during Kyle’s white party.

Yolanda was present during the gossip and bashing session held by the ladies of Beverly Hills.  She tries to stop Marisa by suggesting that she talk directly with Brandi rather than gossip.  Yolanda has shown viewers honesty and integrity during this season.  Brandi has found another true and loyal friend.  One can only acquire this type of friendship with women such as Lisa and Yolanda unless she is reciprocating the same type of loyalty.

Yolanda remained loyal to Brandi and shut #GoAwayFaye down.

Yolanda remained loyal to Brandi and shut #GoAwayFaye down.

In my opinion, #GoAwayFaye eluding to a sordid bathroom story can only be from her own past? MEMORIES of her coke snorting days of which I believe bathrooms were of heavy use to this despicable woman.

Marisa has been trying to cling to some sort of story line since she first aired on #RHOBH.  Her entire story line has been based on her dislike and lack of lust for her own husband.  She kept chirping in all season long trying to let viewers know she has a very similar personality to Brandi.


Brandi in a very G-Rate manner inside @yolandasfridge. #Fridge is quite charming on Twitter and has magnificent photos.

Well that turned out to be a pile or rotten lemons (all due respect Yolanda).  Here’s a big difference.  Brandi did extend her hand to Marisa several times during the season to welcome her.  Anything Brandi thought about Marisa was said directly to her face.  Marisa was a coward and talked about Brandi behind her back to some of her known enemies.  Brandi has not thrown her friends under the bus or back stab them.  You get it yet Marisa?  She was considering you a friend by telling you to your face her thoughts on how you treat your husband.

Brandi hears the news and is a little shocked at Marisa’s actions.  Brandi has been attacked on several occasions by the other women, so she decides to suck it up and talk with Marisa to find out what happened.

Brandi and all the other women head off to the Lisa’s house-warming party. Some how the #GoAwayFaye wormed her coke sniffing ass in Lisa’s home once again. (#GOAWAYFAYE – LISA DOESN’T LIKE YOU)  Yolanda still feeling injustice done to Brandi decides the two women should talk it out.  Brandi and Marisa are talking.  Marisa immediately begins to the change the actual conversation and made light of the situation.  Yolanda was shocked and called Marisa out on holding back. (Please refer to Yolanda’s blog regarding holding Marisa responsible)

#GoAwayeFaye from a distance spots a way to insert herself into a conversation where she is forever unwanted by the housewives and viewers.  Brandi remains calm and let’s #GoAwayFaye aware she was not invited into the conversation and she wants her to leave.  Faye decides she is not leaving.


Photo Credit: David Gilmore (

She is the protector of women and loyal friend (Nicole Brown Simpson).  #GoAwayFaye tells Brandi to “be a lady” for once. (Yes, this mutant said that to another woman)  Brandi tells #GoAwayFaye be a lady and leave.  Faye stutters and replies “No matter how many Chanel handbags you borrow you will never ever be a lady”.  She further goes on to accuse Brandi of being the cause of the  divorce between Adrienne and Paul.  First, she was an expert in battered women in the 90’s and now for the sake of a spot on #RHOBH she is a marriage counselor.  She’s an evil chameleon that warps into any lizard costume skin to stay relevant.

Please refer to Lisa’s blog for the Definition of a Lady as she is a more credible source.

Brandi reflects in her recap and says, “Faye comes over and decides to put her dick on the table”.   It was not only hilarious but summed up #GoAwayFaye’s life with a great one-liner.

Brandi has been bullied off and on for the past 2 seasons.  She has not claimed to be a perfect person or someone who holds back her true feelings to a fault.  She has remained resilient and determined to make a better life for herself and children.  Brandi does not play the victim and owns her actions.

Brandi has been a good sport on many occasions, but during the past episode she has more than earned the title.

Congratulations Brandi!  You are this week’s winner of  The Reality TV’s Good Sport of the Week Award.

Brandi Glanville is now offering her book for sale with her autograph.

Drinking and Tweeting:And Other Brandi Blunders

Personally, I would like to purchase Brandi’s book with her signature along with David Gilmore;s photo marked along side her signature.  It’s will always hold fond memories of the episode where Brandi stood up to the “Chick with a Dick”

“Hilarious Parody of RHOBH episode including #GoAwayFaye’s behavior”

“No copyright infringement intended, for entertainment purposes only.”

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Jerseylicious Season 5, Episode 8- “Filly’s Full Monty”

By Joanna Jones

This week on Jerseylicious we start off with Olivia and Jackie out to lunch. They are talking about the new varieties of baby foods.  


Jackie gives her daughter, Adrianna, a taste of Caesar salad dressing causing her to make the funny face babies usually make when eating a lemon.  Olivia takes a moment to fill in her best friend about her break up with Nick. The conversation continues on that she broke up with him because she wants to focus on her career. She had so much fun (and don’t forget to mention you did an excellent job!) styling the photo book that she wants to become a “fashion guru”. (which she has trouble pronouncing) Her end goal would be to become the go to reporter for fashion and style.

“Kind of like Jesus?”-Jackie

“Yeah. Like a fashion Jesus!”-Olivia

She comes up with an idea. Random mall ambush make overs that will be recorded and posted online. This will help spread the word on her quest to be a TV host style expert. A modern-day Joan Rivers. Jackie agrees to help make Olivia’s dream a reality but moves the conversation onto GiGi. She asks if she had a chance to speak to GiGi about the conversation she had with Michelle that implied she was a bad mother. Olivia explains that she hasn’t spoken with her…yet!

We now catch up with Filly who is taking a meeting with his agent, Dwight. He receives some incredible news that Playgirl has strong interested in him for a cover shoot. He was also informed that they will be able to negotiate more money if he goes fully nude.

“They want me to show my braciole?”-Filly

(This line reminded me of Grandpa Gustafson from the movie Grumpier Old Men! This will be Filly at age 95!)

This makes him feel sexy and very “excited”

At the Gatsby GiGi apologizes to Michelle for being snappy at the color event (where is Tracy’s apology?). Although she was genuinely upset that she was going to Frankie’s, she knows she didn’t have to react in that way. She accepts moving the conversation onto Olivia who hasn’t returned any of GiGi’s recent phone calls. She knows the reason but decides not to fill her in at this moment. (Whose side is she really protecting?)

Over at Anthony Robert salon Tracy is talking with Cathy about wanting to start a family sooner than later. Like everyone else has said she tells her to enjoy being married to Corey first! A few minutes later Filly walks in and drops the news about Playgirl.

“Playgirl wants to play ball!”-Filly


  • Tracy looks completely shocked and slightly embarrassed
  • Cathy thinks someone is going to pop out saying “April Fools”!
  • Anthony is not happy and will not allow Filly to work in the salon if he proceeds.

“Before you open that door (Playgirl) you need to know this door closes (Anthony Robert).”-Anthony

Filly isn’t afraid of Anthony’s empty threat to fire him because his mother is ½ owner so he couldn’t anyway. Cathy fully supports her son’s modeling career but is afraid he will take it too far. She really doesn’t want him to show too much.

“I am in shock. I am speechless. I want to be happy for him but I just can’t! That part of him shouldn’t be shown to the world.”-Cathy

Meanwhile, Olivia is off on an adventure to find a store in the mall that will allow her to record inside. She goes into store after store getting quick answers of NO until she walks into Windsor (Jersey Gardens Mall). After explaining her project to manager, Rebecca, she is more than happy to participate considering the store will get a lot of free publicity.

A few days later Cathy and Tracy meet up with Alexa at a baby store. Even though Cathy’s mind is running rampant with thoughts of Filly she still pushes forward to have a day out with the girls. They are going over all the basic essentials for what will be needed for when Alexa’s baby girl comes home.

  • Plenty of onesies for spit up/potty messes
  • A new outfit for every new visitor
  • Bibs (which has already has 85 and counting!)

“I think it is super important to be over prepared and as much I do have done there is still stuff I need to have finished!”-Alexa

Tracy is surrounded by new babies which could be the cause of her recent baby fever. Everyone is telling her to hold off which makes her feel unsupported. (They are supporting by giving the best advice possible! Do Not Rush!!)

At GiGi’s apartment Olivia knocks on the door. She is happily greeted and shown a paint by number masterpiece before being told about her recent break up. She doesn’t want to bring more stress into her life, but the issue about Jackie must be addressed. It starts off as a normal tension filled conversation clearing up what exactly was said.

“That she (Jackie) should focus more on being a mom than being in your business.”-GiGi

Olivia defends that Jackie was only trying to protect her from being hurt again, so if GiGi wants to continue building a friendship she has to work things out with Jackie first. She refuses to be friends with someone who has attacked her friend with such a low blow.  GiGi tries to claim that she never talked trash, but it is true that Jackie doesn’t focus all her attention on her family. (Moms deserve to have a fun night out every once in a while!)

“It rather bothers me when people kick other people while they’re down. She is attacking me when I already feel like crap. I can’t get a break!”-GiGi

Olivia makes it clear that when someone attacks her friend she will defend them especially since her best friend is a great mom. She has never been a fake friend to someone for two years like GiGi someone else we know. GiGi now claims that she owned up to what she said behind Tracy’s back (I have heard excuses being made but never taking ownership!)

“There is a thing called a hypocrite and you’re being one!”-Olivia

Olivia ends the confrontation leaving the ball in GiGi’s court to move forward with the friendship by fixing this issue with Jackie.

Now we are at the Giove household where Filly confirms what his dad has already heard. That he is posing in Playgirl! He really thinks that this could move his modeling career to a whole new level. His dad doesn’t seem to think it would be deal and a good move nudefinancially. Cathy is adamant that she does NOT want her son showing his penis in a magazine. (Agreed! No mother would want that!) She wants him to make an honest clean living. Even her Moroccan Parrot, Molly, speaks her mind against the idea. As long as the pictures are done tastefully with no full frontal nudity Cathy can be supportive. 

A day or so later Olivia is working on the video she talked about earlier with the help of Jackie, Michelle, and an unknown male friend. Before they get started she fills them in on the talk she had with GiGi which lead to believe she is on the outs. Jackie is grateful that she took the time to hash it out on her behalf but Michelle is flustered that this has now turned into such a catastrophe. (She should take notes from Olivia on the proper way to stay in the middle without pinning two sides against one another!) Moving onto what actually brought them there Olivia struggles with finding her niche as a fashion reporter. Between fumbling her words and people walking in front of the camera they aren’t making very much progress.

The video team move onto finding a perfect candidate for a makeover. Olivia finds a girl who already has a great style but needs a little direction. Michelle helps teach her how to tone down her eye make-up that hides her real beauty while she searches for the perfect outfit based on the girl’s three word definition of her style.

  • FUN
  • LOUD

She comes out of the fitting room looking amazing! She loves her new look from her “fashion goddess” so much that she decides to buy the whole outfit.  They find two more candidates for makeovers that are thrilled with their new look.

It is Filly’s “BIG” debut photo shoot for the cover of Playgirl. He is very nervous about whether or not to show everything he has got to offer.

“I’m still not sure if I will show my full frontal Filippo.”

They start off doing a few profile shots before moving onto character shots of him as a basketball player and even a tossing pizza. Next they start taking sexier bedroom posing shots. His decision must finally be made whether or not to show his “goods”. He listens to his mother’s words deciding that he is just not ready for full frontal…for now!

Next up, we hop over to Alexa’s house who looks like her baby could come at any time! She has been having a few contractions so Cathy even suggests going to the hospital but it’s not quite time. However, it is time for the reveal of a beautiful baby girl nursery that brings Tracy to tears of joy! It fuels her baby fever even further!


Designed by Mary Bauer

The next day Olivia goes over to Anthony Robert salon to show everyone the video she made at the mall. It looks great, but she feels the need to take hosting classes to enhance her abilities even further. Filly arrives to add his own good news that he will have a full spread in the magazine. Anthony says his congrats and wishes him well as if he is saying goodbye. He feels Filly’s new venture will bring a negative name to his family friendly salon (which is not always so family friendly with people fighting, screaming, and cursing). His good name is on the line with the salon that he built from the ground up. (There is no doubt that he is a very strong business oriented man but is it possible that he has gone too far?) He doesn’t want that good name to be tarnished. (If he fired every employee that did things in their personal lives that could tarnish the salon’s reputation he wouldn’t have any!) Cathy does not hesitate to step in to defend her son making sure she is clear that he isn’t going anywhere.

“You’re telling me that my son isn’t good enough to work here?”-Cathy

“If he poses in Playgirl, then he is not good enough to be here.”-Anthony

Filly tries to calm down his extremely pissed off mom telling her to relax.

“Anyone that knows me knows that if you fuck with me, you fuck with my family, or you hurt my kids it’s over! Anthony Lombardi’s role is to tell his son what to do! Not mine!”-Cathy

Cathy cannot take it anymore and grabs her stuff to leave stating that she doesn’t even want to be there anymore. Filly is shocked that Anthony would truly rather not have him work there anymore.

“It’s not about not wanting you here. It’s that I can’t have it.”-Anthony

“If that is the way you want it, then so be it.”-Filly

Anthony apologizes to everyone for having to witness that blow up which by the looks on all their faces made them extremely uncomfortable. There is no way he could have Playgirl be associated with his salon.

The drama continues next week on an all new Jerseylicious at 8 PM EST on Style Network 

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Big Rich Atlanta – Season 1, Episode 8 “Preacher’s Daughter Bares All”

By Valerie Whitelock

The Eadon’s and Goose – Do or Die Time

Last week’s episode ended with Harvin and Meyer jumping out of a window away from the beautifultrioBig Bad Wolf, Sharlinda.  This episode picks up on the following day.  Meyer went MIA the night before and strolls in during the early afternoon.  Goose is ready to conduct business, but Harvin cannot help but to admire the tangled hair of Meyer and begins picking debris from her weave.

Goose is losing patience and cannot blame her, since we are now on episode 8.  It’s now or never.  Will Harvin and Meyer lose their investor and allowance?


Marcia and Katie – Lunch and Gossip

The women meet for lunch to gossip and catch up on the latest drama from the Halloween party.  The party was a success for the most part.  Seems Katie has a bit of an obsession with Virginia’s G-Shot.  There is mention of Goose leaving the party with Mike. Disapproving looks are thrown back and forth to share their true feelings.  (Don’t judge ladies!  Virginia was very happy with her procedure.  Happiness is good for mind and body.)  Katie mentions that she will be hosting a Fall Harvest party and Marcia has been invited.

Sharlinda and Sabrina – Lunch

Shar and Sabrina meet for lunch.  Pleasantly, the lunch date went well.  Shar did not physically threaten anyone or become VERY LOUD as Goose has described in past episodes.  Shar invites Sabrina to her husband’s, Q Parker’s release party for his new album MANual.  Sabrina is excited at the chance to relive the days when she danced for TLC, Bobbie Brown, and Whitney Houston.  Invitation gladly accepted and plans are confirmed.

Ashlee and Meagan – House Hunting

“I decided to hire Meagan as my little real estate bitch”

Ashlee’s driver pulls up to a magnificent home and opens the door for Ashlee to meet bossbitchMeagan.  She is not happy that Meagan is on the phone instead of greeting her as a potential client.  Meagan goes in for the hug and Ashlee pulls back.  She prefers to keep it professional.  They enter the home and meet with the listing agent, Mark.  Ashlee wants to know the status of the home precisely.  Meagan is stumbling with words to describe the features in the home.  Ashlee grows impatient quickly and request that Mark take charge of the showing.

“Ashlee seems more interested in being a bitch to me then looking at this house” Meagan

Well Meagan, you were wrong.  Ashlee was not interested in being a bitch to you.

“The real reason I hired Meagan to be my real estate agent is because I want to get some information out of her.” Ashlee

Meagan opens the gate for the trap. She begins gossiping and asking questions about where Ashlee has been.  Ashlee’s hair is mentioned by Meagan and there is an instant and intense pause. Ashlee’s piercing stare let us all know she has her bait hooked.

Ashlee wants to know if she has been showing any homes, specifically condo’s to K.  Meagan hesitates, but yes folks she discloses her client’s information.  Meagan further elaborates that the condo is in Buckhead, but not in Ashlee’s building, nor that type of price range.

Like her or not, Ashlee is no one’s fool.  She knows what she wants and exactly how to get it.  Meagan has been gossiping and getting caught in drama from the very 1st episode.  It is also apparent that Ashlee demands excellence of herself on TV and expects the same in return.  If you are not playing on her level, then she will let you know.  She’s resourceful and knows how to conquer.  Meagan has seemed content on playing the victim throughout the season.   In Reality TV the leaders prevail.  Ashlee is MADE for TV and love every moment she is on playing her role as a villain.

Due to the show’s heavy scripting I believed that Meagan was “playing” a role as a Realtor.  Apparently, she is licensed in the state of Georgia.  I’m floored.  K throws down over “Jelly Belly”, but is OK with her confidential information and financial status as a client disclosed to her nemesis so freely.  Your “legal team” would have a stronger case with that unethical infraction. Just saying!


Sabrina and Anandi – Dinner Party

Sabrina has planned a dinner to interrogate Marcia’s son, McClain since he has his eye on Anandi.  Marcia, Meagan, McClain, Katie, and Diana were invited.  Sabrina’s Chef Tony prepared the dinner for her guests.  During the Lake House episode Chef Tony was Meagan’s chef.  Chef Tony’s actual employer is as confusing as the choppy editing we watch every episode. (Thanks K!)

After the fingerprinting and photo are completed the interrogation begins on McClain. Sabrina questions consist of Jesus, school, aids, sex, and staying away from her daughter.  The normal dinner talk with new guests in attendance.  McClain hangs in strong and Anandi shrunk 5 inches in her chair during the polite dinner talk.  Luckily, the dinner was cut short for the viewers as well.

Sabrina is a wonderful mother and it shows in Anandi.  Being an overprotective parent has a downside, but at the same time she is teaching Anandi accountability, discipline, and respect for herself.

Harvin and Meyer – Photo Shoot

The Eadon’s are at the club meeting with Meagan and Anandi for a business meeting to finalize the details of the upcoming photo shoot.  Procrastination is at its best in this episode.  To Meagan’s and Anandi’s surprise they are asked to model for photos wearing their jewelry, She Blames Me. Anandi is beyond excited and struts her best model walk in the middle of the country club.  In her blog, she is thankful towards Ashlee.

Harvin and Meyer meet with the stylist, MiddleMan and photographer, Glen to discuss their vision.  Everyone agrees and the photo shoot is scheduled.

On the day of the photo shoot Goose is waiting VERY impatiently because Harvin and 1772.brat49wrapupMeyer are late.  Just when viewers think she is at her breaking point the Eadon’s arrive.  Harvin goes into OCD work mode immediately.  She takes charge and is ready to go.  Meyer has a different approach and has more of a creative side with She Blames Me.  Her impromptu concepts for new designs have been brilliant.  The sister’s are on edge and the bickering begins.

Anandi in a blink of an eye goes from beautiful nerd to a knock out super model.  She walks out with the confidence taught by Ashlee’s coaching in a robe wearing only nude panties.  To viewer’s surprise she takes off the robe and gets the job done.  Her very 1st modeling job and she handled it better than professional models.

Congratulations Harvin and Meyer! You made your mother very proud.  HUGE SUCCESS!


View the entire collection at or follow on Twitter @sheblamesme

Ashlee and Lauren

Ashlee and Lauren are in the park again.  Unfortunately, Ashlee had to take 7 weeks off laurenashleeduring filming after she was attacked.  I imagine during that time some people were content and happy under the impression she would not be returning.

Think again ladies!  This woman will not allow anyone to beat her away.  She’s baaaack!  Ashlee signed up to participate in a TV show and portray the villain.  This was a new adventure for this woman and as we watch her on the show she goes 100% all the time.  When she was attacked it did not only traumatize her it made her feel weak for a moment.  This is not the type of woman you want to try and knock down, because when she gets back up you’re FUCKED.  She will get back up and bravely confront.  No one has the right to take anyone’s happiness with physical force.  I’ve said before, she’s a good bitch.  Watch out ladies!  There’s no stopping a woman with brains, drive, and that type of elegance.  You’re out of your league.  Own it with this woman and move on.  Ashlee explains to Lauren she has given every chance to K to turn herself in to the police and apologize.  She has now hired a private investigator to find K to answer for her felony arrest warrant.

“You got a little twinkle in your eye” Lauren


Sharlinda and K – Release Party

The release party for Q Parker is underway and the party seems to be jumping.  Sabrina is feeling the vibes of the good old days as a young dancer.  She is pulling away from Jesus in the moment and decides to become a singer.  This does not sit well with K since this is her daddy’s party.  K runs to Shar to tattle on the inappropriate behavior of Sabrina.  Shar’s not happy, but lets it go for the night.  The party ends successfully.

Later at the club Sabrina spots Shar and calls out to get her attention.  Shar keeps walking and Sabrina follows.  Shar let’s Sabrina know how she feels about her behavior at the party.  She invited her as a friend (Didn’t you two just meet?) and Sabrina should have been there for support. Not creeping on their business associates to become a singer.  Sabrina is well spoken and explained her actions.  She points out that everyone was talking about other business during the release (on the same page with Sabrina).  Shar surprisingly lets it go and let’s Sabrina know if she wants help to come to her directly.  All’s well that ends well.

Later, Sabrina arrives home squealing with prayer joy to Anandi that some of the producers have contacted her to start a singing career.  She begins singing and the sounds of a trapped whale are echoing through the TV speakers.  The logical Anandi tries to warn her mother they may be calling because she is pretty. Bingo!

Harvin and Ashlee

Ashlee meets with Harvin.  This woman is scorned and determined to get justice.  She plays it off with light-hearted jokes, but that is sincere hurt.  Harvin informs Ashlee that since she has been gone that even Meyer no longer agrees with K.  (Sometimes you have to personally feel the burn to appreciate other’s pain.)  The Eadon’s were next on the hit list of physical threats as they are a very popular duo on the show.  If you are standing in the way of Shar and K becoming the focus of the show, then I strongly suggest you watch your back and hire several bodyguards.  Luckily, Harvin had Meyer and Goose behind her.  Ashlee was the 1st victim and had to stand alone.

Ashlee informs Harvin there is an arrest warrant on K.

Katie – Fall Harvest Party

I’m going to forego writing about this scene as it is beyond appalling and in my opinion, exploiting a woman in a questionable relationship.  Realizing that this show is heavily scripted and “Donald” may have been playing  a role, but here’s a thought.  Donald would not have walked into another man’s home and acted that way TV show or not.  Katie would not have allowed that scene in her home unless it was familiar in some way. She made excuses for the behavior in her blog

The producers may want to rethink the mind of their viewers which is mainly women.  This is a mother/daughter show and what happened in Katie’s home that night does not happen.  A mother would not allow this type of behavior in her home under ANY circumstances.  A father would certainly not allow women to be belittled and verbally abused under his roof (Not even for TV).  There is something that is being hidden. It is quite obvious and very disturbing.  This scene was in extremely poor taste and the participants involved need help, not exploitation.

Please refer to the blogs of Virginia and Marcia – The guests that were treated so poorly.

Note to Style – You have a smash hit on your hands with amazing women.  Make the show more real and stop mocking violence and abuse.  NOH8

We will meet again on Sunday at 9:00 PM EST on Style Network

Sneak Peek

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